Okavango Delta Aerial

Okavango Delta Aerial

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Naya goes to the printers

Trying to fit a 40"x50" painted canvas into the back seat area of my car took a little wiggling and jiggling this morning. I had wrapped 'Naya' up in bubblewrap to protect her, but that also made the size of the package bigger so it took some careful manoeuvering to get her in safely. Still, she's safely at the printers now and will be scanned on Tuesday and a proof done for me to check hopefully later in the week. I am thinking of getting her printed at around A3 size... but will have to see what she looks like. Quite excited to get her done as a print.

Also another trip to the framer today.. seems I'm going there weekly at the mo. Hoping I can get all that I want done, sorted in time. Sooo much to think of!

Spent the afternoon in the studio, at last, but still no actual painting. Well, that's a lie because I was painting a couple of frames and cleaning up a few canvases ready for varnishing. Next week is my last week at the zoo before my two months annual unpaid leave. So hoping that will give me enough time in the run up to the exhibition to tie everything together by the end of the month.

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