Okavango Delta Aerial

Okavango Delta Aerial

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mantis in the shower

March 2011 Audi Camp 

Sharing my shower cubicle with a mantis. Guessing a Sphodromantis spp. but I'm not sure of the exact species, but perhaps if one of my invert experts friends see this, they could say what it is... not sure if the photo is good enough for an accurate ID. My exact ID of this mantis been thrown by the lack of the pale spot on its wing casing.

"You looking at me!"

This big green beauty sat on the wall unperturbed by my presence. I happen to love mantids and thoroughly enjoyed seeing this wee beastie there, where I could get a good look it... although it was about 3" - 4" long... so hardly wee by mantis standards. What a corker!