Okavango Delta Aerial

Okavango Delta Aerial

Monday, 31 August 2015

Exhibition Countdown -T minus 3 days

This last week or so has been a bit busy to say the least. Quite a few nights working up to 10pm or midnight. Funny how you think there is plenty of time and all these little jobs you know need to be done, won't take long at all!! Hmmm... Then life throws a few little spanners in to hold proceedings up a little too and before you know it you're chasing your tail trying to get everything done in time.

As it stand now, I've just got two last minute drawings to frame and wrap. All the other work is now wrapped in their individual bags as I thought that would make things easier to unpack and also as each bag is labelled with the painting's name it should be easier when it comes to repacking or finding a suitable wrap for a sold piece.

Most of the work all wrapped and ready to go

Once I have those two fitted, sealed, strung and wrapped then I can start on wrapping a couple of mounted drawings and the prints. After that there's all the display photo's to trim and stick to foamboard and the labels for them printed, trimmed and stuck on as well. 
There will, no doubt, be other labels etc that I will think of needing once the show is up and running, but as I am home for a few days each week... I can do those little jobs then.

Tomorrow is the big move day, when all the framed work goes up to Nature In Art. As the big elephant painting now has a frame... she wont go in my car. So I shall be borrowing my brother's van to take them all up . That should be fun.. not driven a big van for a long time. 

Feeling pretty shattered at the moment, my back problems have been somewhat aggravated by all the excessive activity on bending and lifting etc. But hey ho.... it will all soon be calmer and I can hopefully relax a little and sleep long nights. I have a short holiday of a week coming up after the exhibition is all over and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that.
I am nervous about the show... have I got enough work, is it the right work, will people like the show, will there be any sales? The usual things that fly around an artists head before a show...My fingers are crossed that all will be well and that the show does its job in raising awareness for the elephants, the work of the conservation research charity 'Elephants For Africa' and does the Okavango Delta and its wildlife justice.

If you can make it to the exhibition and I am there please come over and chat to me. 

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